foto: Bruno Espadana

20 junho 2009

#  Continua a valer a pena ouvir

Desculpem, mas é a minha mais recente descoberta; enquanto não passar o fascínio, é assim... :D

Long Load: 'Leap Bravely into the Future' Amatrice: 'If We Felt Like It' Chisasibi Airport: 'Actually I'm a Giraffe' Old New Year: 'Make Yourself Indispensable' Hyperfinite Type II Factor: '... and when I tried to suppress it it got even stronger.' Road 71: 'You Foolish' Stöttwang: 'Your Entire Body Will Feel It' Freezer Burn: 'No Place for an Idea' The Drama Prefecture: 'Covered up by Paint' Midfielder: 'Thin love ain't love at all'

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